PARIS BERLIN, a brand like no other. Really.

PARIS BERLIN is a professional make up brand. At first, you may be tempted to think it is "just like all the other" brands: high-end, essential, must-have, ultra-professional and so on and so forth.
So what makes us different from "all the others"? Well, to start, the fact that it was founded by 2 people who are truly like no other.

We wanted to create a different make-up brand, one that would embody our unconventional style and free spirit, our desire to be different and to distance ourselves from others, their sameness and their unbridled need to consume.
We couldn't care less about the siren song and marketing promises of other brands.

The PARIS BERLIN make-up brand is all about colour, sensuality, enjoyment, a lot of imagination and a hint of humour. But most importantly, it is about sharing and generosity.

PARIS BERLIN products have demonstrated their effectiveness and quality. The proof is in the results and the brand's growing reputation thanks to word of mouth.

For 20 years, the make-up brand PARIS BERLIN has stood by its values, asserting its identity and originality and avoiding standardisation. Its vast experience and constant dialogue with make-up artists the world over make the brand what it is today.

To our friends, loyal customers and artists all over the world who have contributed to our success and continue to support us: thank you !

Gérard Doucet et Carole Amasse

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